Rates & Services

Dog walking - £10.00 per hour per dog (discounts for multiple dogs from same household - £5 per additional dog)

At Peninsula Pooches our aim is to provide your pet with all the exercise it needs. Although some believe a run in the yard is enough exercise for their pet dogs require a lot more, typically 1-2 hours of activity per day be it walking on a lead (migration to a dog) or running free in the woods (hunting and playing to a dog).

1-2-1 training sessions - £20.00 per hour (including exercise)

Each dog, like us, has it's own personality but the underlying animal is the same. Unwanted behaviour in dogs is manageable at any age. The saying "you can't teach an old dog new tricks" is simply not true. Like many other things between us and dogs, we humans have judged dogs on our own behaviour being set in our ways etc etc. Dogs live in the current moment and if you introduce a new behaviour which is attractive to a dog they WILL follow your instructions...... with a little patience and know-how. We can explain WHY your dog is displaying certain behaviour, show you HOW to correct, WHERE and WHEN to practice the training and WHAT you dog expects from you.

Dog Sitting/Boarding - Small £14 - Medium £15 - Large £16 - Giant £17 

Breed sizes can be found here: Breed Info/Sizes 

Although kennel owners are undoubtedly dog lovers, kennels are notorious for upsetting a large amount of dogs. Going from a warm comfy home to an impersonal concrete and wire cage for days or weeks is not something we would do so why put our beloved pets through the same. Here we aim to provide a "home from home" for your pet where they get the same treatment as our own pets. Your dog will live in the same comfort and enjoy the same walks. Your dog will also accompany us on training sessions (where suitable) and learn the same things our other clients learn.

Pet Taxi - £8 per 30 minutes travelling time

Dropped off at friends or family? Want your pet at your or a friends wedding for photographs? Taken to the vet?
Whatever your needs, if you are unable to transport your pet to a venue we will take care of it for you.

House Sitting - from £30 per day

Just as boarding at our home provides a home from home, our house sitting service doesn't remove your dog from its comfortable surroundings but instead puts us there. We will look after your pet in your home while providing a valuable security service while you are away.

Cat Care - from £5 per visit

Cats are, by their very nature, extremely territorial. They roam their territory by night marking and hunting then sleep most of the day. Why kennel your cat when you can leave them right where they are. We will call at your home daily as many times as necessary to feed and change water bowl, clean litter trays and open or close access door/window for your cat.

Home Security Checks - (without pets) - from £5 per day

Includes bringing in the mail, papers, watering plants, adjusting lights, resetting alarms putting bins out etc.

Lock Out/Key Delivery - Free with any other service

We will come out to your house and unlock your door if you happen to lock yourself out as we have a key on file.


We will administer any medication your pet may require with any of our services.


We can also supply a PET PHOTOGRAPHER service with a range of prints available from standard 6x4 photographs to large canvas prints.